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The place to visit for all travelers who love adventure, relaxation, spirituality and fun, is Baños de Agua Santa; A canton that is tinged with the greenery of its mountains and is sweetened with the nectar of orchids and marshmallows. Nestled in a basaltic plateau, bathed by the torrentoso Pastaza river and at the foot of the majestic Tungurahua volcano (eruptive activity since 1999); Strategically located within the ecological corridor Llanganates – Sangay which makes its flora and fauna generous for the visual charm of the thousands of visitors, due to its natural majesty, this canton was awarded the “Baths, a gift for the land” Awarded by the WWF.

According to historical data, Baños had no founder or date of foundation, was simply populated with the arrival of small groups of Indians, mestizos and Spaniards who traded products from the east to the mountains, and from that time, this place captivated All those who came to refresh themselves in their springs of hot springs from the entrails of the Tungurahua volcano. Throughout the year there are traditional festivities, especially in October the feast is celebrated in honor of the Virgin of the Holy Water Rosary and in December, the feast of cantonization, in addition to its carnivals and national holidays, dates in which it receives A floating population of forty thousand visitors. It should be noted that the date of cantonization according to the Official Gazette dates from December 16, 1944.

Going further in the history of Baños, it is worth mentioning some data, such as: in the year 3131 appears the first local newspaper called “Olas del Pastaza”.
In 1933 the pools of El Cangrejo were inaugurated. Father Sebastián Acosta completes the Basilica and the Convent of the Virgin of Holy Water in 1944, the same one that has a baroque decoration of the Father Enrique Mideros; While the altars, pulpits and confessionals were carved by the master Juan Manzano and his team of artists; The doors, the veneers, the furniture made by Ángel Ríos and his operatives; The stonemasons of Latacunga Pelileo and Riobamba, applying a semigótico style.
In the democratic sphere, the first President of the Council was Mr. Pedro Tomás Vargas, while the First President elected in popular vote was Mr. Carlos González. Between 1956 and 1960, Camilo Ponce Enríquez built the Las Juntas Bridge, the Modern Pools, the Agoyán Tunnel, and completed the Riobamba-Baños road.
In the 1980s, national and foreign tourism increased, and from the 90’s began an accelerated growth in the flow of visitors and tour operators offering the wonders of this canton.
In 1999 begins the eruptive process of the Tungurahua volcano and on October 16 of that year the total historical evacuation of the city occurs obligatorily, and on January 5, 2000 its inhabitants enter the city by force facing the military Who guarded the city and its entrance.


Hot Springs

Baños owes its name to the abundance of the liquid element found in this canton, especially by the well-known sources of hot springs that flow from the very bowels of the earth, and which attract thousands of avid visitors to enjoy its properties , For some relaxing, for other spiritual and even for others, medicinal. Waters considered therapeutic, stimulants of the defenses of the organism, relaxing.

Pailon del Diablo

Waterfall of Verde River or Pailón del Diablo, for national and foreign tourists, this is the most impressive waterfall in the region. To visit it, you only need to travel along the Baños – Puyo road to the waterfall presentation. The water of the waterfall is transparent and in the Pailón proper the water turns to a turquoise coloration. The water temperature is about 23 ° C.

To observe it more closely you must descend a path that is perfectly signposted, through orchids, hydrangeas and semi-jungle vegetation, which reaches a suspension bridge and then will be on the very edge of the waterfall.

At the edge of the waterfall there is a viewpoint, from where the view is lost in the vegetation cover composed and well represented in three layers: herbaceous, shrub and arboreal. The waterfall descends along a natural rocky formation, which is capable of wrapping in a dense cloud of droplets due to moisture.

Height of the Waterfall
El Pailón del Diablo is considered to be one of the largest jumps in Ecuador is approximately 80 meters high.

Basílica de la Reina del Rosario de Agua Santa

The Basilica or Sanctuary of the Virgen de Agua Santa, undoubtedly for all Catholics is the most important architectural infrastructure of the canton, this artistic challenge defied time and history as it was in 1944 when it was finally completed.

The church was built in the center of the city of Baños, surrounded by beautiful mountains, waterfalls and Tungurahua volcano.

Its construction began on February 11, 1904 by Fr. Thomas Halflants, parish priest of Baños and was completed in its entirety in 1944 by Fray Sebastián Acosta.

It is divided into 3 naves, is of semi-Gothic style, its shape is rectangular with large columns and ogival arches. All the decoration and canvases that adorn the walls were worked by Imbabureño Fray Enrique Mideros.

Inside the Basilica you can see a collection of murals that describe the local miracles attributed to the Virgen de Agua Santa. Besides being a shrine, this church has served as a refuge when the Tungurahua volcano has erupted on multiple occasions and the surprising thing is that the people who have stayed here have left unharmed, which is why the image remains within this sanctuary.

Casa del Arbol

The best place to watch the Tungurahua Volcano is without a doubt the Tree House in Baños Ecuador, located in the village Runtún at 2660 meters above sea level.

The view of the Tungurahua volcano from the House of the Tree is unique and spectacular, being able to admire the crater to only 2.5 km in a straight line.

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